Friday, April 22, 2011

Dino Eggs

These eggs are so cool!! I just can't get over it haha.
I took them out of the fridge this morning and kept
telling the hubbster to look at my eggs. 'Babe look, this is amazing! Im serious.
These are incredible. They
are the coolest thing I've ever seen..' etc. The hubbster
managed to hide is enthusiasm pretty well but had to
agree that they indeed were pretty cool.

For the dinosaur eggs you will need water, hardboiled eggs
and food coloring. You will also need a plastic container w/

Boil your eggs and let them cool (yesterday I googled how
to cook the perfect egg. It said to put eggs in cold water
on the stove. Let boil for 1min. Take of heat, cover and let
stand for 12min. Put eggs in water w/ ice. And the eggs
came out pretty darn perfect..). Fill container with water,
put in a few drops of color (I used 20 drops of neon purple).
Crack the eggs (like you are going to peel it), but leave the
shell on! Put in water, make sure the water is covering
all the eggs. Cover container with lid and refrigerate over
night. When you peel the eggs they will look crazy amazing
and the kids will LOVE it :) HAPPY EASTER!

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