Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall is in the air?

Its been crazy warm here in So.Cal for the past couple
of weeks. C R A Z Y ! A steady temperature of 96-100
degrees. We are all melting! So, obviously we are still
in summer mood, even though the retail industry want
us to get into halloween/thanksgiving/even CHRISTMAS
(have you guys seen the christmas decorations at Costco?)
mood and the stores are overflowing with halloween
candy, pumpkin spice candles and heavy sweaters.

I got a couple of magazines last week, all FULL of
fall recipes. Cant wait to try them out. Applecider
cinnamon rolls, pot pies, pear cobbler and a million
more recipes. Yum.

Ive been horrible at taking pictures lately and
I apologize. But heres a recipe for something I made
last week for my inlaws and it was delish!

1 pork loin
1 red pepper, chopped
0.5 leek, chopped
0.5 onion, chopped
1 garlic clove, minced
1 cup creme fraiche
0.5 heavy cream
1-2 tbsp tomato paste
1 tsp sambal oelek (chili paste. You find it in the Asian aisle)
1 tsp curry
1 tsp paprika powder
Shredded cheese

Slice pork in half inch thick slices, and cook in pan with butter.
Put meat in ovenproof casserole dish. Add onion, garlic, leek and
red pepper to pan and cook until soft. Add creme fraiche, cream,
tomato paste, sambal oelek, curry and paprika powder. Add salt and
pepper after taste. Let simmer for a couple of minutes. Pour sauce
over meat, top with some shredded cheese (I used mozzarella).
Bake @ 440.f. for 15mins. Serve with rice. Yummers.