Tuesday, March 22, 2011


2 days ago I whipped up some cupcakes and frosting.
I need to practice my piping skills before Abbies birthday
so I just made some plain vanilla cupcakes and some
white chocolate frosting. I used some Marabou Vinter (winter)
chocolate from Sweden. Its a white chocolate with a small hint
of vanilla. I dont like the chocolate at all, so I dont know what
I was thinking making frosting out of it. It was YUCKY!
At least the cupcakes looked cute and Im pretty proud
of my first attempt at piping :) I call them my diet friendly
cupcakes, cause I dont like the taste and therefore will
not eat them lol.

But aren't they puuurtey? :)


  1. Nice cup cakes but I also dosen´t like Marabpu winter...too sweet!

  2. Vilka otroligt söta cupcakes! Ha en fortsatt jätte härlig helg! Kram Daniella - BakeCake