Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Karsbader wreath

I've been working on this almond paste filled wreath all afternoon.
The first dough didn't rise, not sure what went wrong, but I
ended up trashing it and made a second one. This is a classic
Swedish pastry and I know you'll love it. You'll find almond paste
in the bakery aisle at your local grocery store (I live in and
buy mine at Ralphs or Whole Foods).

For the Karlsbader Wreath you will need.

1.) 100 gr butter (1 stick is 113grams)
2.) 2 dl (0.8 cups) milk
3.) 25gr (fresh) yeast. Read the instructions on the package if using dry yeast (I had to use 2 envelopes).
4.) 1 pinch of salt
5.) 1 dl (0.5 cups) sugar
6.) 2 egg yolks
7.) aprox. 7 dl (3 cups) flour (I use organic)

1.) 100gr almond paste
2.) 50gr butter

Melt butter, add milk. Mix yeast with a little bit of the liquid. When
the yeast is a little bubbly add the rest of the liquid. Mix in salt, sugar,
egg yolks and flour (a little at a time). The dough is perfect when it isnt
sticking to the bowl anymore. Cover and let rise for at least 30mins.
Roll out dough to a large rectangle. Grate the almond paste and mix
with butter. Spread the mixture on the dough. Roll it up and make
a wreath . Use knife to score the dough. Cover and let rise for 30mins.
Bake at 390 F (200C) for 15-20mins.


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