Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Easiest lunch ever..Pizza Rolls

I found this recipe while browsing the internet for healthy kids lunches. I wouldn't call the original recipe that healthy, but I changed some of the ingredients to make it healthier. These pizza rolls are super easy to make and it takes aprox. 3mins from start to finish. Yeay for speedy kids lunches. I actually dont serve this to just my kids, I eat it myself too and its my favorite lunch right now (beats a plain old turkey sandwich any day!).

You will need

- 1 tortilla (I use low carb)
- Pizza sauce
- 4 slices of turkey (or salami or ham or whatever meat you have on hand)
- shredded cheese (I use whatever kind I have in the fridge, for a
healthy alternative use low fat)

Put tortilla on microwave safe plate. Spread pizza sauce on
the tortilla. Put the meat on the tortilla and spread some
cheese on top. Heat in the microwave for about 1min
(until cheese is melted). Let it cool a little bit and
make a roll. Cut into bite size pieces and enjoy :)

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