Friday, April 1, 2011

Pink, Smoked pork chops

In Sweden people eat smoked pork chops like crazy.
In salads, pasta, casseroles and whatever other way
imaginable. Its kinda pricey over here in the states,
maybe thats why its not as common? Anyway, go out,
buy some smoked pork chops and make this meal.
Its crazy easy (4 ingredients. HELLO!) and so good.
The leftovers are amazing to (yep, had some today).
Please enjoy.

You will need

Smoked pork chops (I'd say 2-3 slices/person)
1 can coconut milk (the original recipe calls for heavy cream,
I used coconut milk due to lactose intolerance and
because I'm on a diet and CM has less calories and fat.
If you use coconutmilk the sauce will be a little watery.
But if you substitute heavy cream you'll get a thicker
creamier sauce)
Chili sauce
Cherry tomatoes

Put pork chops in oven safe casserole dish.
Mix coconut milk with chili sauce (No exact measurements
needed, just poor and mix until pink).
Poor sauce over pork.
Cut tomatoes in half and put them in the dish
w/ the pork

Cook on 425 for 20mins.

Serve with pasta/rice/potatoes.

Of course I had to take some pictures of Abbies lunch to :)

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