Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweet smell of home made bread..

My sweet Mr. Viking bought me a bread hook for my
kitchen aid a couple of days ago and OF COURSE
I had to break it in! On Thursday I spent a
couple of hours at the dr's office, found out I
have a bad sinus infection and my ears are
ringing like CRAZY and driving me nuts. To get
my mind off of my puffy face and ringing ears
I decided to spend some time in the kitchen
and made some bread, and cinnamon rolls and
swedish sunny buns. Lol. To top it off I also
made a meatloaf. I think I spent like 7hrs in
the kitchen that day. OMG. Lets kick it off
with some great TEKAKA. Its swedish and means
tea cake. Its not a cake, and you dont have to
eat it with tea. I love mine with a little bit
of butter and a slice of cheese.. mmm.

10 Tekakor

5 dl (2 cups) milk
4 dl (1.7 cups) oats
0.5 msk (tbs) salt
1 msk (tbs) light baking syrup (they have it at IKEA)
150 gram butter (one stick is 113 gram)
1 envelope yeast
8-9 dl (3.5-4 cups) self rising flour

Heat milk to 100 degrees. Mix with oats, salt and syrup.
Let stand for 20mins.

Melt the butter and blend with the oatmix.

Blend your yeast with a little bit of the flour and
mix it with the oatmix (make sure the oatmix is warm enough for
the yeast to activate!)

Mix in the flour, a little at a time, intil you have a sticky

Cover and let rise for 30mins.

Kneed your dough on a floured counter top, cut into 10 pieces
and roll out to round 'cakes' (about 0.5 inch thick)

Place your tekakor on a waxpapper covered cookie sheet,
let rise for 30 mins

Bake on 440 F (225 C) for about 10mins.

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